Our journey
Established in 2017, Underwood Brewery is an independent craft brewery proudly based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We started as homebrewing enthusiasts and have grown into a prominent brewery, driven by our passion. Now we are in the Top-3 Ukrainian craft breweries.

Through the years, our passionate team has learned, evolved, and adapted, allowing us to consistently brew beers that are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

In 2022 and 2023, we have successfully exported our beers to the European Union and even to Korea, establishing ourselves as a global presence.
Our commitments
  • Quality Assurance
    Each batch is consistently exceptional, a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality.
  • Artistic Design
    Our creative team creates captivating labels that turn beer cans into works of art.
  • In-House Excellence
    Everything, from design and marketing to sales and distribution, is managed in-house, ensuring ultimate control and responsibility.
Underwood Experience
  • We Brew Culture
    Underwood beers are not just beverages; they're a cultural phenomenon, found in nightclubs, fancy restaurants and even gyms across Ukraine.
  • Variety and Innovation
    We are fervent advocates for the art of brewing, and this passion is most vividly expressed through our relentless exploration of diverse beer styles.
Meet the CEO
Ievgen Podliesnykh
Our company is named after Ievgen's last name, which translates from Ukrainian to English as "Underwood," symbolizing our CEO and co-founder's personal commitment.
Let's talk!
Join us in bringing exceptional Ukrainian craft beer to your customers. Contact us to explore our product range.